This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.

Access Statement for The Red Lion


The Red Lion Inn is situated in the small village of Newbrough and is located between Hexham and Haydon Bridge in the beautiful Northumbrian countryside. Renovated in 2010 the Red Lion Inn offers a selection of local cask ales, high quality food to be enjoyed in the bar or our two restaurants, accommodation in one of our 6 B&B rooms all with ensuite as well as additional entertainment throughout the year. There is level access available to the bar and restaurant areas.

We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone 01434674226 or email


  • The nearest train station is in Hexham (5.6 miles)
  • Taxi services are available from the station as well as from the pub itself (Eco Cabs or Budget Taxis and A 2 B taxi)
  • There is a regular bus service the 683 that runs between Hexham and Newbrough between the hours of 7am – 7pm every hour. The nearest bus stop located directly outside the pub – ask the bus driver to stop at the Red Lion.
  • The area surrounding the pub is either tarmac or paved cobble stones and is uneven in places, the main door way is flag and is even for easy access.


Car Parking and Arrival

  • Parking is free to all customers with 2 bays allocated in front of the pub for priority customers as well as various parking in the surrounding area which also incurs no charge.
  • The parking surfaces are either tarmac or paved providing level access into the pub.
  • The car park is well lit at night.
  • There is a drop off area in front of the pub to assist with easy access for customers if they should require.
  • There are no steps leading into the bar or restaurant areas only a slightly raised door threshold.
  • There are two doors from which to get access into the pub, they are both 925mm/36.4ins they both open inwards. If assistance with entering the building is required there are helpful staff on hand that are more than willing to help.


Bar & Bar Area and Dining Area/Restaurant

  • The bar and restaurant are located on the ground floor of the building and is level throughout. With an additional restaurant located up a flight of stairs, 6 steps in total.
  • The bar area has a stone floor which undulates slightly and the restaurant area is carpeted.
  • The bar contains a variety of seats including benches, bar stools, low sofas, low bar stools, armed and no armed seats, high chairs, as well as space for wheelchairs and other access equipment under tables. With table heights varying from 650mm-710mm
  • Both the bar and restaurant are well lit with several different lights including natural, hanging and wall lights to ensure all areas are bright.
  • There is a TV situated in the bar area that is connected to a speaker system, subtitles can be activated upon request.
  • Background music is proved in both the bar and restaurant the volume can be altered separately for the different areas upon request.
  • As previously mentioned the bar area is stone tiles and the restaurant is short pile carpet on the ground floor and medium pile carpet in the upstairs restaurant.
  • All food is prepared in house by experience chef and staff that can cater to dietary requirements, however please contact us in advance to ensure that we full understand your requirements and can cater appropriately for your needs.
  • Table service is provided in both the bar and restaurant for all customers.
  • Blackboard specials are available and staff can assist with running through the menu upon request.
  • Crockery contrasts with the tables where possible.


Customer Toilets

  • Customer toilets can be found to the left and rear of the bar area on the ground floor and there is level access to the toilets.
  • Due to the nature of the establishment there is no permanent disable access toilet however there is a large cubical in the women’s toilet which can be used for disabled access and the toilets will be closed to other customers during this time.
  • Entrance to these toilets is 750mm/29.5ins.
  • The toilet height is 410mm/16.1ins.
  • There are no grab rails currently fitted in the toilet assistance can be provided if requested.
  • Lights will flash and alarm will sound in case of emergency.
  • There is no emergency assistance call in the toilets.
  • The toilet is well lit using ceiling mounted LED lights.
  • The flooring is non-slip laminate.
  • The taps twits to turn on and off.


Beer Garden/Outdoor Area/Smoking area

  • Area in front of the pub contains several picnic benches and seating which can be used as a beer garden and smoking area.
  • This is located direct outside of the entrance to the pub and is situated on level ground.
  • It is accessible from the main entrance to the pub or directly from parking areas or the main road.
  • This is an open area that is either paved or tarmac and has good spacing at least 2 meters between tables.
  • The outdoor area is flat
  • The ground is firm and can withstand vehicle and disabled access usage.
  • A variety of picnic benches with shaded cover are available open ended picnic tables are wheelchair accessible however tables can be moved outside upon request.
  • Table service is provided for all customers including the outdoor areas.


Accommodation – Bedrooms

  • There are no ground floor bedrooms.
  • The most accessible bedroom is up 12 steps from an external door.
  • The door opening for this room is 700mm/27.5ins
  • Furniture in the room can be easily rearranged upon request including the bed, mirror, chairs, table.
  • This room is only a double bed however other rooms area available that have twin capabilities.
  • There is sufficient space for an additional single bed within this room.
  • The height of the bed to the top of the mattress in this particular room is 620mm/24.4ins.
  • The room is very well lit with 2 large windows, 1 ceiling light, 1 lamp and 1 spot light located above the bed, 1 wall light located above the desk, 1 corridor/ entrance way light and 1 emergency light.
  • The room has a combination of cream painted and stone walls, the carpet in the room is brown and the door and frame are white.
  • The wardrobe contains 1 fixed rail, a small section of hanging space at a lower height and a number of different height shelves.
  • The carpet in the room is of a medium pile.
  • Non-allergenic bedding can be provided but please make this clear during your booking.
  • The TV in the room can provide subtitles and audio description however please request a demonstration upon arrival from staff.
  • There is no telephones situated within the rooms.
  • An alarm clock is a available in the room.


Accommodation – Bathrooms, Shower-rooms & Toilets (Ensuite or Shared)

  • There is an ensuite shower-room with level access from all bedrooms.
  • The door opening into the shower-room is 700mm/27.5ins
  • Within the bathroom there is a shower cubical that requires one step up to enter.
  • The toilet seat is 410mm/16.1 ins from the shower-room floor.
  • The sink is 830mm/32.6ins from the shower-room floor and is clear underneath to allow access
  • There are no grab-rails fitted in the shower-room
  • Taps on the sink operate by twisting.
  • The room is well lit with one large frosted glass window providing natural light, 1 ceiling mounted light and 1 lighted mirror.
  • The room is decorated with a grey floor, cream coloured walls and a white door and frame.
  • The flooring is a grey fairly non-slip laminate; rubber shower mats and bath mats are provided.


Accommodation – Public Areas

  • The corridor to the most accessible room is well lit by 2 ceiling lights,
  • The corridor to the accessible room is 1130mm/44.5ins
  • The carpet in this area is short pile
  • The building does not contain any lifts.
  • There are two staircases up to various rooms within the B&B one stair has 12 steps the other 15. Both sets of stairs have handrails and small landing areas the stairs to the most accessible room are shallow and relatively deep.


Additional Information

  • There are various fire points to press in case of emergency. There is emergency lighting and signage to guide people to their nearest exit. Evacuation procedures and routes will be explained to guests staying in the accommodation upon arrival. The rooms also contain a diagram showing the best routes for exiting the building in case of emergency.
  • All dogs are welcomed into the pub and are provided with water; and treats if requested.
  • There are several power saving bulbs within the building and therefore should provide full power when turned on. If this does not occur please approach a member of staff and notify them.
  • There is not a loop system available in the pub for those hard of hearing.
  • Standard regulation fire signage is used throughout the building, there is also several posters for various local events located around the pub any other customer information is displayed on whiteboards using chalk.
  • If charging is required for any reason there are various plugs available upon request.
  • The closest town Hexham (5.5 miles) contains a small walk in A&E centre as well as a doctor’s surgery and ambulance station
  • Free WIFI is available to all customers and the access code can be found on the chalk board next to the bar.


Future Plans

  • None at present.


Contact Information

Address (Inc postcode): The Red Lion Stanegate Road Newbrough Hexham Northumberland NE47 5AR

Telephone:         01434674226



Grid Reference:                NY874678

Hours Of Operation:        Monday to Saturday 11am-11pm Sunday 11am-10:30pm Food served Tuesday to Saturday 12pm-2pm & 6pm-9pm Sunday 12pm-2pm Winter months 6- 8 pm Oct – April

Local Carers:       Tynedale care – Services Unit 1 Burn Haugh Estate, Burn Lane, Hexham NE46 3HS Telephone 01434 608503 Email

Local Equipment Hire:    Easy Hire NE Ltd Unit 16 Bridge End Industrial Estate Hexham NE46 4JR Telephone 01434 60002 Email

Local Accessible Taxi:      Ecocabs – Hexham Wheelchair friendly transport offering a completely wheelchair friendly service. Telephone 01434 600600 Email

Local Public Transport:   Go north east bus service stops outside the Red Lion Bus number 683 has disability access from 7 am to 7 pm every hour and travels into Hexham where you can go on to get further connections either east or west. Telephone 0191 4205050 Email Hexham Train Station with services to Newcastle and Carlisle Telephone 0845 0000125 Email